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 Demand driven fashion

When we first introduce a new style, we only produce 30 to 100 pieces to see the demand and avoid waste and overproduction. Once we see the response from our customers, we are able to safely produce a higher quantity of the styles in high demand. On top of that, around 60% of our fabrics are leftovers from previous production. 

Cutting out the middleman

ItsMay is a direct-to-consumer brand. We’ve cut out all the middlemen and fashion fat - putting our entire focus on building collections that are made to last. Fewer pieces, more love: Bypassing wholesale distribution, skipping discounts and sales, we create lasting quality at the right price. 

Our Factories

Our factories have been carefully chosen to guarantee high-quality standards from quality workmanship, respecting working conditions, premium fabrics research, and to improve on knowledge and technology.